Our Complaints Policy

Our Complaints Policy

The methodology and rigor of fact-checking work should keep errors at a minimum. However, we recognize that, in practice, nobody is perfect and mistakes will be made.

However, we also expect fact-checkers to be more committed to correcting the record than anyone else. That is especially true when the errors are our own.

One of the commitments of the IFCN code of principles is to robust corrections policies with clear channels of communication. Complaints about specific fact checks, should therefore be first submitted through the specific channels offered by the individual verified signatories.

The IFCN does monitor potentially significant violations to the code of principles. Those infractions could be, but are not limited to: complete lack of sources, fabrication of content, lack of funding information, open advocacy for a political cause, and not having a public methodology. Please use the form below to alert us to such infractions.

Allowed file extensions: doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, zip, pdf, jpeg, bmp and png.
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